You wear prescription glasses and just 2 months after getting them you misplace them, mistakenly seat on them and it gets broken or the front part of the lens gets scratched and then you have to get a new one? Don’t worry you are not alone. Today we will be talking about the best and easy ways to keep your glasses safe.

Asides from getting your glasses, there are accessories you need to get and they are;

  • Glasses case
  • Lens cleaning cloth
  • Glasses rope
  • Lens cleaner

Create a routine

You can create an everyday routine so you can get used to them till it becomes a part of you, this routine involves finding a safe space at home, at work, or in your car where you keep your glasses, it could be the drawer beside your bed, beside the desktop on your worktable. This helps you know exactly where to look when looking for your glasses.

Always keep your glasses in their case

When not in use, make it a habit to return your glasses in their case. Placing it just anywhere for a little break could cause a scratch on the lens surface or your glasses to get missing or broken.

Get spare glasses.

Let’s say you just can’t help it and you are always misplacing or forgetting your glasses at home or work. Getting spare glasses is the best option. You can have one for the house and then one for work or just keep a spare in case anything happens to your current one.

Don’t temporarily keep your glasses in the wrong place.

It is common for people to place their glasses on their head or hang it on one of their shirt buttons. It may look fashionable but if you care for your glasses, avoid doing any of these. If you don’t want to always put them in the case, you can get the rope so it can be hung over your neck without falling off.


  • Spray the lens cleaner at the front surface and back surface of the lens, and then use the lens cloth to carefully clean the lenses
  • Use can use a sanitizer to clean your frame, the nose bridge, and the temples but do not use a sanitizer to clean the lens.
  • Avoid using tissue paper, a part of your clothing, or your fingers to clean your lens. You wouldn’t want to leave a scratch or a smudge on your lens.
  • Do not expose your glasses to excessive heat or cold.


Caring for your glasses means that you care for your sight.

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