Face Shapes & Frame Styles

Face Shapes & Frame Styles

Your glasses can impact your whole style and look. So, it is important to pick the most suitable design for your face. Besides your jewellery, bag, etc., glasses are also accessories. That’s why eyeglasses aren’t just ordinary frames.

When selecting the frame many factors can impact your choice, like your face shape, skin tone, and your fashion style. Тhe shape of your face plays the biggest role. In this section we will help you determine which styles match your face shape. Rest assured we provide glasses for all kinds of faces and we have a Virtual Try On Application to assist you in making your choice, our staff can also give you guidance and advice on frames that will suit you best.

But in order to identify which glasses suit the most on your face, you need to know what is your face shape. Here are some of the main face shape categories:

Girl in a jacket

Oval, Heart, Round, Square,  Diamond, Triangle, Oblong