Standard Vision Lenses

For your convenience we provide On-The-Spot glazing services for standard vision lenses (single vision, bi-focal, or varifocals), which takes approximately 20 minutes.

Our lenses are sourced from premium global suppliers, ensuring the delivery of high-quality products at reasonable prices. Crafted from CR-39, the industry standard for lightweight, durability, and impact resistance.

Our lenses come with two standard protective coatings: Scratch Resistance to extend lens life and Anti-Reflective for enhanced comfort. Additionally, we offer optional coatings such as Anti-UV420, Anti-Blue Light, and Photochromatic for further customization.

Lens Types

To optmise your experience with your new glasses, this section will focus on our various lenses and packages. It will explain the different lens, types, thicknesses, coating and our packages.

Our opticians will help you choose the best option for your requirements.

Your eye test will primarily determine whether you require single vision, bi-focal or varifocals.

The next decision is what lens thickness you want. For simplicity we will refer to lens thickness which in the industry is called the refractive index.

Refractive index

We provide standard 1.49 index and the 20% lighter and thinner 1.56 index on site.

High prescription, thinner or specific requirements are custom ordered, and have a 10-15 day lead-time.

Once you have chosen your lens type and thickness then it is just a matter of what coatings you want as follows.

Lens Coating Options

Silver package- refractive index 1.49 Includes scratch-resistance and anti-reflection coatings as standard.

Gold package – refractive index 1.56 Is around 20% thinner and lighter that the Silver but comes with UV420 coating to protect against harmful UVA/B radiation for the sun.

Photochromatic and Anti-Blue coatings are options available on the Gold, Platinum and Diamond packages

Platinum- refractive index 1.67 Our Platinum lens package is around 33% thinner than a standard Lens and is recommend for prescriptions stronger than+/- 4.5

Diamond- refractive index 1.74 This is offered for the very strongest prescriptions to reduce thickness by around 42%

Lens Packages

For Silver and Gold packages our Optician will glaze these on-site in our laboratory.

Once glazed we will ask you to try them on so to determine whether we need to make minor adjustments to the temple pressure for your comfort.

We use an automatic machine to trace and cut your lens shape exactly to give a perfect fit to your frames.