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by Chinomso Ogbugh 15 Jul 2023

When getting a new pair of glasses, although not so many people notice there are some set of numbers written on them, if you did and wondered what they mean, we have answers here for you.

 The number in your glasses indicates the Lens width, Bridge width and temple length of your frame, for example, 53-15 -135. These are very important for your frame selection as they help you get the perfect fit for your face.


  1. The lens – this is the lens that has your prescription, and it is the main reason why you are wearing your glasses.

2 The Rims- this is the part of your glasses that frames the lens, it is where the lens is fitted into.

  1. The Nose Bridge- this is the part of your glasses that rests on your nose and connects the two eye rims. Your nose bridge must sit comfortably on your face because if not, it can contribute to eyewear discomfort.
  2. Nose pads – this is a small soft plastic attached to the end of the nose bridge for more comfort. It is not found in every frame.
  3. The End Piece – this part is where the rim is attached to the temple. it contains the hinges and screws that help in folding the temples and keeping the glasses closed.
  4. Temples – this is the part of your glasses that rests on your ears to enable you to wear them.

Back to the numbers on your glasses…..

Every frame is designed to fit different faces as everyone doesn’t face the same face and head shape. It is important to know what sizes of frames fit your face so that you can be comfortable in your glasses.

The Lens Width – this is the first number on the set of numbers, and it means the width of the lens i.e., how wide each pair lens is when fitted in the rim. It’s left to you to determine what lens width fits your face perfectly.

The Bridge Width – this is the second number, and it describes the width of your nose bridge, and it is measured in millimetres.

The temple length – this is the last number in the set of numbers, it indicates the length of the temple. It is the largest number, and it is very important to know what temple length best suits your face so that the frame doesn’t fall from your face easily.


Well, yes because you wouldn’t want to spend so much money on that designer frame and then have it shipped to you only to find out that it is not your size or that you find it very uncomfortable to wear. In the same way, you check for your US or UK size before purchasing an item of clothing, you should consider your glasses sizes too.

You might also wonder; HOW DO I KNOW MY GLASSES SIZE?

If you are a spectacle wearer either for vision correct or for fashion, you should already have some glasses or a collection of them, simply check for the most comfortable of them and note the numbers down so that you look out for them in your next purchase.

You can find the numbers written on the left temple of your glasses.

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