Your new pair of glasses are a great investment that will not only help you see more clearly but also express your personality through the design and style you choose.

Improper care can cause the glasses or lens to be damaged and can result in scratches and blurriness.

Tips on how to care for your glasses

  • Protect your glasses by keeping them in a hard case when they are not in use. This will ensure that the frames do not get damaged and the lenses are kept free from dirt, marks and scratches.
  • Always place your glasses on a surface with the lenses facing upward as this helps prevent them getting damaged.
  • Have your glasses checked and adjusted every 3-4 months to maintain a good fit and to spot any potential problems that are developing such as a loose screw.
  • If your frame gets broken, don’t worry. Bring your glasses to us and we will repair the frame for you.

 How to keep your glasses sparkling clean

  • Always rinse your lens gently in cool water before cleaning, or use our special lens cleaning spray.
  • Use a soft, non-fibrous cloth to polish your lens to ensure that they do not get scratched.
  • To clean the lenses effectively, use the correct cleaning solution. Apply one drop to the first lens and gently wipe the entire lens with a gentle circular movement until the lens is perfectly clean. Repeat the process on the second lens. Avoid touching the lenses afterwards.
  • To clean the nose pads, dip a cotton bud in cleaning solution and gently wipe each nose pad thoroughly.

SpecSMART stocks hard case, cleaning solution and microfibre cloths for glasses all at great prices.

    The SpecSMART Service Promise To Our Customers

Minor adjustments

If you wear your glasses every day, it is likely that they will need adjusting because they have become crooked or loose. If this happens, pop in and see us and we will happily adjust your glasses for you – at no charge.


Being without your glasses can be a real inconvenience. At SpecSMART we understand this, and our pledge to our customers is that we will repair their glasses and have them ready for collection as quickly as possible. Should we not be able to repair your frames, we will let you know promptly and if this is the case we may be able to fit you current lenses into a new frame.

Replacement parts & accessories

Nose pads and screws often need replacing and SpecSMART will do this free of charge. If there is a problem with a specific or larger component, please pop in and see us and we will give you a quotation.