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Comprehensive Eye Care

We offer a range of eye tests tailored to your particular requirements. Our advanced automated digital technology enables precise diagnosis for effective treatment. Whether you seek assessments due to a specific concern or for a routine check-up, our doctors will guide you through a series of thorough tests to identify potential eye diseases and abnormalities. Following the examinations, our optometrists will provide your diagnosis and recommend appropriate treatments if necessary. Our tests include Visual Acuity, Tonometry, Refraction, Snellen test, Ophthalmoscopy, Retinoscopy, Color Vision, Glaucoma testing, Keratometry, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT scan), Fundoscopy, Visual Field Analysis and more. Whether for a one-time assessment or a regular check-up, SpecSmart is your trusted eye clinic for comprehensive eye care. Check out our Eye Test section for more information

Contact Lens Evaluation And Fitting

We recommend lenses that suit your particular needs and lifestyle, considering factors including your prescription needs, the curvature of your eyes and of course comfort.

On The-Spot Glazing

For your convenience we can glaze standard vision lenses on-the-spot. We offer Single Vision, Bi-Focal and Varifocal lenses. All our lenses come with scratch resistant and anti-reflective coatings as standard We also offer Anti Blue light, UV 420 and, Photochromatic (transition) coatings as options. We use an automatic cutting machine to provide the perfect fit to your frames. Learn More

Glasses repairs

Do you have a pair of glasses that need repairs? Look no further. At SpecSmart Eye Clinic, we boast of broad expertise and precision in fixing damaged glasses. Just know that your favourite frames are in good hands, and you will have them back in perfect shape in no time. .

Corporate screening

In the corporate environment, eye health is paramount. That is why we are dedicated to offering free health talks and free eye screenings for companies and organizations.
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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

By choosing us, you are supporting an establishment that is dedicated to giving back to society through eye health awareness campaigns, and the provision of free prescription frames and lenses for children and staff at the Nigerian Red Cross, Lagos State Branch


We stock over 950 frames from SpecSMART frames From N18,000 through Iconic International Brands. Whatever your style and budget we have you covered.