Myths are fascinating stories that have been passed down orally over the centuries and are often used to explain natural phenomena or cultural traditions. They can feature supernatural beings, gods, and goddesses, and are a significant part of many cultures around the world.


  1. MYTH: Contact lenses can get stuck inside your eye.

FACT: This is not true. The eye is covered by a thin membrane that covers the white of your eye and prevents anything from getting behind your eye.

  1. MYTH: Contact lenses can get lost in your eye.

FACT: This is also not true. The part of the eye where the contact lens is placed is closed and nothing can get lost in it.

  1. MYTH: You can't wear contact lenses if you have astigmatism.

FACT: This is a common misconception. There are Toric contact lenses designed specifically for people with astigmatism.

  1. MYTH: Contact lenses are uncomfortable to wear.

 FACT: First-time contact lens wearers may find it uncomfortable at first. However, modern contact lenses are designed for comfortable, long-term wear.

  1. MYTH: You can't wear contact lenses if you have dry eyes.

FACT: There are many types of contact lenses available that are designed for people with dry eyes. Your eye doctor can help you choose the best type of contact lens for your needs.

  1. MYTH: Contact lens demands too much maintenance

 FACT: Contact lens use requires maintenance just like our clothes do. The regimen is simple and easy to comply with.

  1. MYTH: The contact lenses will fall out of my eyes

FACT: Contact lenses are designed to stay in place on the front of the eye, and it's rare for them to fall out independently. However, there are some situations where a contact lens may become dislodged, such as rubbing your eyes vigorously or being hit in the eye.

  1. MYTH: I am too old to wear contact lenses.

Fact: Contact lenses can be a good option for people of all ages, including older adults.

  1. MYTH: Getting contact lenses are very expensive

FACT: Contact lenses are relatively affordable.

  1. MYTH: it’s not good for individuals with diabetes to use contact lenses.

FACT: People with diabetes can safely wear contact lenses, but they need to take extra care to avoid potential complications

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