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by Chinomso Ogbugh 26 Apr 2023

             Eye itching is quite common eye symptom that can be caused by several factors, like a reaction to allergy, or an infection or dry eye.


            The most common cause is an Allergy due to exposure to allergens like pollen, dust, mold, makeup around the eyes, and fur. When these allergens are exposed to the eyes, the body’s first reaction is releasing histamine which causes the blood vessels in the eye to dilate and leak thereby irritating the nerve endings causing the eye to tear up and the immediate need for itching.

             Another popular cause is the Dry eye syndrome. Now the front surface of the eye is covered by a tear film which lubricates the eyes. factors like age, hormonal changes, menopause in women can reduce how much tears are produced thereby causing the eyes to dry out and then the need for itching. The tear film consists of 3 layers, and they are: the aqueous layer (water), the lipid layer(oil) and the mucin layer(mucus). It’s possible that enough quantity isn’t produced to properly lubricate the eye also causing the eye to dry out, sandy feeling in the eyes and the need to itch the eye.

            Lastly, the eye could be exposed to an infection due to contact or exposure to micro-organisms like bacteria or viruses, this in turn comes with symptoms like eye itching.


  • As we know, exposure to a dirty environment can increase the risk of getting an infection. Keeping your environment clean can help avoid eye itching.
  • During dry weather conditions, using a Humidifier can help add moisture to your space or environment to not have dry eyes and avoid itching.
  • If you happen to know your allergies, please avoid them.
  • If your eyes are already itchy, do a warm compress to get an immediate relief but if itching persists, go for a comprehensive eye examination.


Eye itching is very broad, it could be an allergic response or a symptom to a bigger eye condition, that is why it is advisable to not self-medicate, visiting your eye doctor is best way to go about finding a solution so that the underlying cause can be found and treated.

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