Access Access-Brook ₦18,000
Features Size: 51-16-140 Material: PC Rim: Full Rim Style: Rectangular
MATERIAL: Acetate RIM: Full Rim STYLE: Rectangular
Feature: Size: 51-16-140 MATERIAL: OPTYL RIM: FULL-RIM STYLE: CAT-EYE These Kate Spade eyeglasses express the romantic outlook of the woman who wears them. A unique detail visible on the inside of the clear temples characterises the look: a finely-worked metal filigree core inspired by the brand's signature floral pattern. Feminine colors, a metal Spade symbol and the secret SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU inscription on the inside of the temples highlight their dreamy allure. Functional details such as the pure lines of the acetate structure and the flexible hinges ensure a perfect fit, day after day.
LEVI'S LV LEVI'S LV 5021 ₦230,000
Feature: Size: 51-16-140 MATERIAL: ECO PMMA RIM: FULL-RIM STYLE: CAT-EYE Just like the evergreen Levi's heritage that they were inspired by, these women's eyeglasses are perfect no matter the season. Their details make them a veritable tribute to the brand's authentic style, like the two rivets on the front and the silhouette of the temples, inspired by the batwing logo. Although they reference the brand's history, these glasses are perfectly in-step with the demands of today's consumers: in stainless steel and Hexetate, they are lightweight and comfortable from morning to evening, while also being environmentally sustainable.
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