7TH Street 7TH STREET 7A 080 ₦190,000
Feature:      Size: 50-21-145 Material: METAL Rim: FULL-RIM Style: ROUND / OVAL Seventh Street by Safilo offers a curated optical eyewear collection that meet the current trends, with sophisticated colour palettes and easy-to-wear shapes. This selection of glasses for men features a combination of materials for a distinctive yet lightweight construction. The acetate front is detailed with iconic metal trims, while the metal temples are enriched with adjustable acetate tips and a lasered Seventh Street logo that stands out for its original design. Flexible hinges and silicone nose pads ensure maximum comfort.
Access Access-Norman ₦18,000
Features Size: 50-21-145 Material: CP Rim: Full Rim Style: Wayfarer
HUGO HG HUGO HG 1156 ₦235,000
Feature: Size: 53-19-145 Material: ACETATE RIM:FULL-RIM STYLE: ROUND / OVAL     HUGO designed these eyeglasses for stylish men on the go. The two-layer stainless steel and metal front, along with the raised line on the temples, make this style an authentic, playful accessory to be worn at any time of day. The lightweight structure is complemented by the adjustable acetate end tips and the sculptural metal temples, practical features that ensure comfort from morning to evening.
HUGO HG HUGO HG 1158 ₦235,000
Feature: Size: 50-21-145 Material: ACETATE RIM:FULL-RIM STYLE: SQUARE       These unisex eyeglasses are a fresh take on elegant square frames, a cornerstone of HUGO eyewear collections. With plenty of allure, the detail-rich structure highlights their authentic, bold character, made of acetate that has been given added sculptural interest on the front and a metal core that's visible through the temples. The iconic metal hinge, matching the hue of the brand's logo, completes the inimitable identity of these glasses.
LEVI'S LV LEVI'S LV 1027 ₦210,000
Feature: Size: 50-21-145 MATERIAL: METAL RIM: FULL-RIM STYLE: PANTHOS ( TEA CUP ) Cool style and freedom of movement are the keywords that define these Levi's eyeglasses for women. The stainless steel frame comes in popular, on-trend shapes, while also being a pleasure to wear thanks to an ultralight structure that rests on practical nose pads. Evergreen neutral tones then stylishly complete any outfit, making these glasses an accessory to flaunt today and tomorrow.
LEVI'S LV LEVI'S LV 5027 - BLACK ₦170,000
Feature: Size: 56-18-145 Material: ECO PMMA RIM:FULL-RIM STYLE:RECTANGULAR / SQUARE   These Levi's eyeglasses are an accessory that's designed to remain iconic over time. Their distinct shape embodies the legacy of a brand that is still determined to look to the future, creating evergreen eyewear with abundant character. The use of high-performance hexetate makes them lightweight, comfortable and on-trend. The temples complete the appeal of the look thanks to a shape that pays tribute to the iconic batwing logo.
Feature: Size:50-21-145 MATERIAL:CELLULOSE P.INJ RIM:FULL-RIM STYLE:SQUARE     Polaroid demonstrates its love of the planet with these men's eyeglasses in bio-plastic, a material partially derived from renewable resources. The square frame is a veritable classic, rendered even more elegant thanks to the evergreen grey hue. Details with personality like metal hinges and a pop of colour on the end tips add the final touches.
SIZE: 50-21-145 MATERIAL: Cellulose P. INJ RIM: Full Rim STYLE: Square